Bisexual Females Explain Why They Hate Being ‘Unicorn Hunted’ for Threesomes

Bisexual Females Explain Why They Hate Being ‘Unicorn Hunted’ for Threesomes

“Hitting people up for threesomes is not a tremendously consensual action to take that they are open to this,” says sex educator Justin Hancock unless they have specifically said in their profile. He additionally believes “it is a typical example of biphobia” because “being bi doesn’t imply that individuals should be enthusiastic about intercourse with an increase of than one individual,” and that unicorn hunting usually “objectifies and fetishizes” women-who-date-women. Meanwhile, hetero partners are proudly putting shiny unicorn emojis in their application profiles, looking for the next of these ambitions.

Zoë, that has been unicorn hunted both offline as well as on dating apps (to the degree she felt compelled to change her username to Not different Unicorn), thinks that what sort of procedure plays away is virtually always harmful for the third—usually a woman that is bisexual. She states her problem along with it is couples are deceitful within their approach, and become reinforcing oppressive structures such as for example patriarchy and heteronormativity.

“I discover that typically guys use their girlfriends as bait, as a means of utilizing a female in order to make him—as a tremendously masculine predatory that is man—less threatening,” she claims. ZoГ« happens to be “duped a number of times in exactly what is supposedly a queer area.” She states that always a girl will begin chatting with her, and then—once things feel safe and flirty—present her male partner.

“we genuinely have a issue with all the duplicitous approach that partners have actually, to maneuver underneath the radar in queer or modern sex spaces,” says Zoë—adding it”erases genuine girl-on-girl desire” by having “women kind of orbiting male desire, just current to serve that male desire in addition to male gaze. that she feels”