Min. Tracey Estes

Min. Tracey Estes

I began a Christian BBW/BHM Club online, and nobody desired to become listed on it since it had been Christian. See I’d it where we’re able to Praise the father together, and uplift and encourage each other, and folks state something but do another. I simply shut the website yesterday, because no body is seriously interested in they’re stroll utilizing the father or locating a mate into the LORD.

It’s funny, the GAYS are operating towards the altar, but the Christian’s aren’t… Hmmmmmmmm…

Respectfully in Christ Jesus, Tracey


hey, i recently discovered this and knew that first I’m half age any guy wanting a BBW and 2nd, that not one of them are Christian, and third that almost all of those all for a Christian BBW thing are ladies. Now, exactly just exactly what does this inform us? Does the Christian man would also like the supermodel entirely if he’s interested in a BBW because she is the supermodel/superChristian? Also, does the Christian man feel he’s settling for less than what God has for him? And is really a BBW in reality less? And is a BBW dream entirely a perversion? Then is it upon us, the BBWs to change or upon Christian men to settle, or for more BBW fans to be Christian if so? Yet another question: Do any Christian males also choose a BBW maybe maybe maybe not regardless of the extra weight but due to the beauty that is extra?

Cindy Martin

I simply finished my experience that is only with BBW web site also it was awful. We certainly think that many males on these BBW internet sites is there for fantasy/perversion kind relationships. (more…)