I simply got scamed for 400. My final $400 til payday almost four weeks

I simply got scamed for 400. My final $400 til payday almost four weeks

James this just occurred to us also. Scum. We got scammed our final 296.00.

We keep getting telephone calls the last one ended up being from 717 447 7840. the person on the other end said he struggled to obtain the Federal Trade Commission and because of an outstanding balance with US Cash Advance. he said he name was Erick Johnson that he was calling me. We asked whenever did the FTC call residents debt that is regarding. We never ever got a solution.

We too simply received a telephone call for a man representing the FTC. He said he had been an officer in which he would arrest me personally.

Mobile # 850-910-8076.

I’ve been working through individual financial obligation for the bit that is little. Then i pay him no concern if he can’t send me something in writing.

We have gotten e-mails and calls also asking for the money for a cash advance in that we never heard about this compay. Used to do number that is google saw it had been a fraud. Its aggravating. I am able to deliver you a content of recent two e-mails We received. They were told by me to visit hell.

The single thing nobody is apparently mentioning is this. All the telephone telephone calls, or even them all, are arriving via VOIP (voice over internet phone) and they’re originating from Asia yet all the dense accented scammers have quite US names. When they had been in the us, this could perhaps not travel, but considering they truly are outside the nation, they’ll make threats, call over and over, curse and attempt to jeopardize legal action. (more…)