Chinese Dating Customs.I’m sure the main topic of Chinese customs that are dating

Chinese Dating Customs.I’m sure the main topic of Chinese customs that are dating

I’m sure the main topic of Chinese dating customs was already talked about many times and if We missed any subject, i’m going to be happy in the event that you point me toward it.

A guy that is chinese me out yesterday. We like him good enough (actually considered possibly dating him sometime as time goes on last time we met), great. There are many things while chatting on the internet as he is currently in Shanghai (I live in France, it’s where we met) : apparently he was too afraid to ask me directly – This was the first time we talked in about three months : apparently he had visa issues and had to go back to China so his French mobile was disconected but this is solved and he is coming back this weekend – We only saw each other 3 times (and exchanged a few e-mails) : once at a pub, once he took me to dinner and the third time we went to watch a movie (which I managed to pay for, after a long discussion that I found strange though : – He asked me )

Now, in case a French man acted because of this, I would personally never ever head out I would assume he is looking for a fling with him and. I am aware i am backward and up-tight (relating to my friends that are french, nonetheless it seems to me personally we do not know one another good enough to start out dating yet. Or does “dating” have different meaning in Asia ? A lot more like “courting” ? We’ll speak with him if I could avoid a cultural blunder on the first date, it would be nice about it(he is really interested in French culture so he’ll probably want to know anyway) but.

I am aware this really is obscure and calling for stereotypes. What exactly is real for example individual is not real for everybody else. But, in your own personal experience.

It surely depends. Some Chinese dudes fundamentally date with intent to marry, however some other people are expectant of intercourse asap. (more…)