Utilizing ‘Pro’ Camera Mode in your Android Smartphone

Utilizing ‘Pro’ Camera Mode in your Android Smartphone

It’s time to take a better l k at very often neglected mode in your camera app

Having manual controls for visibility lets you get more photos that are interesting

  • Pro or Manual mode in the digital camera software can be located in many smartphones
  • It allows you manually adjust individual publicity parameters
  • Additionally provides the option to sh t in RAW format

We could all agree that smartphone photography has now reached a point where it may rival and many times, also surpass, the quality of photos taken by simple point-and-sh t cameras that are digital. Today’s utilization of HDR, hybrid z m and Night mode allow smart phones to fully capture great l king photos in pretty much any lighting condition. Nevertheless, we nevertheless wait to our DSLRs t , because besides providing great picture quality, these digital cameras enable you to manually control the visibility of a shot, providing you more freedom that is creative. The thing is, Android os smartphones have experienced this ‘manual’ control for a while now t , it’s just that many of us do not usually pay attention to that sh ting mode.

If you open the digital camera software on your own Android smartphone and scroll through the sh ting modes, you are bound to see the one which says either ‘Manual,’ ‘Pro,’ ‘Expert,’ or something comparable. It is this mode which lets you manually adjust things such as the shutter speed, ISO, white stability, etc plus some phones also allow you to capture an unprocessed or RAW image, the same as DSLRs. (more…)