We believe every pet, from purebred show animal to shelter puppy is worthy of the best nutrition. All XtremeK9 products are made with the highest quality natural and fresh products. Totally free from GMO, Naughty Meat Meals and any chemicals. With carefully determined levels of protein, fat and nutrients, XtremeK9 pet foods are formulated to enhance the performance, appearance and overall health of your pet, day after day.

Our bespoke recipe guarantee a quality feed for your pet. We produce a high quality product of complete feed prepared with attention and passion, using raw materials, 100% natural, selected and processed in order to obtain the highest quality and made without chemical colorings, flavorings and aromas.

We believe pet’s health comes from its correct nutrition, for this XtremeK9 only use natural ingredients, all of which have a great health benefits for your pet. Our products are free from GMO,Chemicals, Naughty meat meal and Derivatives. This guarantees the highest quality of a healthy and balanced product.

We use high quality natural raw materials that are carefully processed and checked as done with human feed quality standards, to ensure the best quality feed, we design our products that will really enhance the life of your pet. Our aim is to help your pet lead a healthier happier life because Your Pet Deserves the Best.

Our products are specially produced for professional breeders only.